Medic bike

The MEDIC BIKE or vaccine transporter has recently been developed by us to support the increased demand for quick transportation of lifesaving drugs like vaccine or medicine to areas were transportation is a challenge but speed is a must.

Extra accessories are optionally fitted on this model, being windshield and 2 x alloy side-luggage boxes,  allowing two people to carry extra medical equipment.

Operating five of these bikes can save five times as many people as one 4X4 medic vehicle – for much less cost.

The MEDIC BIKE (this one is build on a base Yamaha XTZ125E is equipped with a 12 voltage cooler box driven by the battery of the motorcycle. The cooler box is a high quality EC approved electric powered devise with a build in compressor (just like a refrigerator) having a volume capacity of 8 litres or more.

The cooler box is securely attached to the motorcycle but can easily be removed and change power frequency from 12 voltage to 220 voltage.  The cooling effect is adjustable from +10 to -5 degrees Celsius and tested in outdoor climate up to +60 degrees Celsius. The cooler box is not waterproof but a rain-cover is optionally available.

Most of the Yamaha motorcycles we have in stock can be converted into a Medic Bike with a short delivery time.

Medic bike standard options:

T2 pcs. of ZARGES K470 alloy cases (350x250x150mm) with padlocks mounted on the motorcycle with steel racks. Easy to remove from the motorcycle.

1 pcs. of alloy mountingrack for carrying the coolerbox.
1 pcs. of highcapacity batteri (12 voltage 7 amp.)
1 pcs. of wireset from motorcycle to coolerbox
1 pcs. of wireset with transformer from coolerbox to 120/220 power voltage.
1 pcs. of 12/24/120/220 voltage coolerbox.


Easy to remove from the motorcycle to a car or a medic clinic and connect to 120/220 voltage or a power generator. Net weight: 8,7 kgs.12 litres capacity with 35W compressor.

Cools down to minus 12 degrees (-12).

Ideal to transport vaccine to remote areas (vaccine must be temperred between 4 and 8 degrees celcius)


Extras (not standard):
Rain/dust cover with airfilter element intergrated in alloy mounting rack.

Temperture gauge with display mounted on steeringbar